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Classic Nigerian Recipes

Classic Nigerian Recipes

Choice meals inside Naijaloaded Videos the Nigerian diet incorporate: floor or peanuts - nuts, yams, cassava, seafood okra, bananas, guinea-corn and Nigerian Best News Apps and hand nuts.

They're frequently starchy and Nigerians love to prepare having a lot of seasoning and pepper specifically individuals from south and the southwest. This menu employs a wholesome and scrumptious meal to be created by most local ingredients.

These dishes celebrate Nigeria's original foods:-


Ground Egusi seed offer this soup flavor and a distinctive color. In case you can not find Egusi seed inside your keep, you can alternative Pepitas or pumpkin seed that you simply can find in Latinamerican grocery stores. This soups is thickened using flour floor.

200 g Water Foliage
50 g Egusi vegetables
1 tsp Dry Surface Red-Pepper
ONE medium Onion
100ml Palm-Oil
10g Dry Soil Crayfish
120g New Tomatoes
Salt & Pepper to flavor

Scrub the water leaves nicely in cleanse, water that is fresh.
Liquidise or pulverise egusi seeds and the onions, tomatoes until even.
Add cook and the dried surface pepper in palm-oil for five full minutes.
Add the water, put on the Naija.com news update cover and make for five minutes.
Currently include the water foliage, substitute cover and make for a five minutes that are additional.
Lastly, incorporate Naija latest news today the crayfish and seasoning, warming through nicely.

Function using yam that is pounded or baked rice as well as a meat stew, to supply proteins.
Alternatively, offer using fufu eba or any acceptable carbo.


This traditional recipe for Okra (or Okro, as it is called in certain element of Nigeria) is one which may be developed everywhere in the world, because it employs ingredients that can be found in any regional shop.

The "okra" originates from Africa and means "lady's fingertips" one of the languages, in Igbo. It is now available all Naija news.com over the world although Okra originated from Cameras. This appetizing recipe makes excellent use of it's attributes, although some people consider Okra alone is also gooey.

Whenever acquiring new okra, look for small pods without any bruises, sore however, not smooth, and no more than 4 inches long.

500g Okra
2 Onions
180g Oil
3 cloves garlic
TWO Tomatoes
2 teaspoons of curry powder
teaspoon of turmeric
Touch of black pepper
teaspoon of salt

Slice among the onions carefully and fry carefully in gas.
Liquidise the rest of the garlic, tomatoes and onion.
Incorporate this blend towards the onions that are baking.
Include the herbs.
Cook carefully for five full minutes.
Prime and end the okra and minimize into pieces about 1cm thick.
Enhance the spices and make carefully for 10-15 minutes.

Offer regarding proteins, having a beef stew along with grilled rice.

With thanks to the Nigerian individuals who created us therefore pleasant inside their homes, presented people who helped us defeat of eating with this hands our fear and a love of traditional Nigerian food!

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